2007 Reds bobblehead predictions

Filipe Lopez, Davey Concepcion and Barry Larkin
With the impending release of the Reds 2007 promotional dates (it's coming soon, I imagine) I'd like to take some time and put in my predictions for this year's bobbleheads. Last year, I was pretty close, but you wouldn't know because they were up on a white board in my boss' office and not on my blog. Well, here they are for everyone to see...

Who will be forever immortalized in Cincinnati Reds promotional glory with their very own bobblehead in 2007?

1. Bronson Arroyo
He's a given. He was the Reds' lone All-Start in 2006 and had the best season by a Reds pitcher in years - especially the first half of the season. Plus, how marketable is that mane of his?

2. Ryan Freel
He's been a fan favorite for a few years now for his gettin' dirty style of play. What Cincinnati Reds, Pete Rose lovin' Cincinnatian doesn't love that?

3. Tom Browning
I thought that he would have gotten one last year (Freel was on my maybe list then too), but the shortstop trio got the nods instead. Browning was inducted into the Reds Hall Of Fame and had his book released last year. He's been all over the place in Cincinnati the past two years. If they go with a pitcher trio - Browning would get the nod. Plus... the Perfect Game... does that even need to be said?

Okay, so here is my short list of other possible Reds...

4. Brandon Phillips
Phillips is perhaps the best of the Reds young stars. He had a good rookie season last year and has been promoted pretty heavily by the Reds since the middle of last season. It wouldn't surprise me if he got some promo action of some kinda this season.

5. Aaron Harang
He's been a solid picther for the Reds the past 3 seasons. If it's all pitchers, he may get the nod.

6. Scott Hatterburg
He's an outside shot at best, but if the Reds are looking to market some newer players, he's one to latch on to. Solid, steady, hard worker, gets dirty (see Freel).

So, those are mostly current guys. Who from the past would like like to see in ceramic form?

Ted Kluszewski1. Ted Kluszewski
Who wouldn't want a bobblehead with the Big Klu's guns bustin' out of his famous sleeveless uniform?

Johnny VanDermeer2. Johnny VanDermeer
Only pitcher to throw back-to-back no-hitters in MLB history. Can you get any better? Plus, it would be nice to have a guy in an old uni up on the shelf.

George Foster3. George Foster
Big Red Machine, baby! Gotta love George and his bitchin' sideburns. Hell, make his bobblehead with him in street clothes. I understand he was a pretty audacious dresser back in the day.

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Good calls all the way around, especially Arroyo, Freel, Browning, George Foster ... I could easily see all of those. The only one you mentioned that would absolutely stun me (which you agreed is a longshot) is Hatteberg.

Blogger dc_of_the_lt on 1/23/2007 8:55 PM

Kind of funny ... I just looked at the Reds sched and none of their promotions are posted yet but they have links to promotions their opponents have revealed for some road games. The Cubs' ones stand out ... they're apparently giving away Cubs iPod nanos to 100 lucky winners, Aramis Ramirez home uniforms to lucky winners, a Lou Piniella bobblehead (thank God someone there put two and two together and realized that would be cool with the Reds in town) and a Ramirez bobblehead - all with the Reds in Chicago at various times this season. Did we for sure rule out this road trip?

Blogger dc_of_the_lt on 1/23/2007 9:02 PM

yeah, the cubbies have some fun promos this year. nothing is ever ruled out - we'll have to look at the calendar again.

hatteburg - yeah SUPER long shot, but for some reason i think the reds will give us a surprise this year. they also need to capitalize on some of their new players successes. lopez, kerns, willy mo... all gone. not much left from the "old guard" aside dunn and griffey.

i could go for a reds nano - that would bring a ton of people to the park.

Blogger Dan on 1/23/2007 9:51 PM

Just saw the list of the Reds bobblehead promotions. The list is as following May 23 Bronson, June 13 Harang, July 25 Frank Robinson, and Aug 22 The Brennaman's. I was shocked about all of them except The Bronson. I was thinking that it was time to do Jose Rijo bobblehead (would look good next to the Davis, Sabo, Larkin, Dibble) Bobbleheads that I have collected. Then I was expecting a 1975-76 player George Foster would have been perfect. Would have completed the stadium give-away of the Big Red Machine. I think the idea of the Brennaman's is a cool idea. I was expecting a whole different line-up but it's all good. I will continue to collect them. There will always be next year. Seems like I have been saying that a lot about the Reds lately. Later, Big Rog

Blogger vedder939 on 2/04/2007 11:28 AM


yeah, i've been meaning to post about it. Right on about the surprises. i'm not too excited about the Marty/Thom bobble, but the Frank Robinson will be great. looking forward to that.

Blogger Dan on 2/04/2007 6:40 PM

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