Happy saddness photos

Above is one of my favorite little guys from More Happy Than Sad. Lots of great art, people and beer last night. Congrats to Chris, Keith and Rob on a job well done. There ultra-talented individuals, for sure.

More mobile photos can be found on Gina's blog as well as Paul's. We had the event well covered... from a photoblogging perspective, at least.


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Happy. Sad.

Abe Lincolns
Get your ass out the door Friday and head to Feralmade in Northside. On hand there will be some wicked-sick art from Rob Warnick, Keith Neltner and Chris Dye. Rock posters, paintings and more. These are three seriously talented dudes and they are all converging on this one show: More Happy Than Sad. You can check out their show blog at Hell, I'll be there too. What more could you possibly ask for? Seriously? Oh, okay... yeah, I'll photo blog while I am there. I'll post some stuff on It will rule. But, it would rule a lot more if you are there. Holla!

Official invite from

Ladies & Gents, I hereby invite you to Feralmade Gallery in Northside this Friday the fourteenth of September for our gallery show More Happy Than Sad. Mr. Chris Dye, Mr. Keith Neltner and myself will have on display rock posters, art prints, paintings and other such renderings for your viewing pleasure. To learn more you can check out or So please come out and join us, converse and drink some free booze.

Hope to see you there,

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Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

At the Newport in Columbus. Fun show. Not quite as tight as I thought they would be, but fun. I'm not sure they have a song that I don't like. That's pretty good.

Mr. Warnick did the poster for the show. It's a nice limited edition silkscreen and you can get one for yourself here real soon.

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I didn't get any photos of Chris Gliebe's show friday night, But Rob and I headed to the gallery on monday to look at it all again. Above is a quick shot of a few of the smaller pieces at the show. All amazing, of course.

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Flatstock 13

Keith and Rob at Flatstock 9
Headed to Flatstock 13 in Chicago with Rob this weekend to be his booth monkey, meet some artists, hear some music at the Pitchfork Music Festival and cause some havoc. You can keep up with all the action on our Flatstock 13 Blog. Should be killer.

Photos from our trip last year are right here, and here (scroll down a litle bit - they are all tagged "gigposters")

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Rob's view

From 525 row A seat 4.

Rob and got to another game this week. That makes 3 in-a-row for Rob and 4 straight for me. I don't think I've made it to more than two game in a row before. Fun.

This will be it on the baseball photos for now. G and I are headed to London tomorrow night, and Paris later next week. We'll not only be taking in the sights in Europe, but also going to the Pearl Jam show in London at Wembley Arena. We're pumped, for sure.

From what I understand, my mobile phone will work overseas and I should be able to send text and picture messages. So, I'll set up a Europe blog to post to and also post to my PJ photo blog during the show. Hopefully things will work well. It will cost a pretty penny per message, so I won't be pounding the messages like I usually do. Probably just a smattering of the scene.

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Aaron Harang bobblehead night

A pleasant evening with Rob, Gina, Paul & Dave. Too bad the Reds lost.

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Newport in Columbus. GREAT show. Really great show. They give you your money's worth.

Thanks to Rob for the tickets. He & Keith did the poster for the show - check it out here.

"Weapon of Choice"

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Opening Day photos

Opening Day was fantastic this year. Great weather, great game, great times. I ended up scoring some great seats thanks to my friend Gina (She has more photos too!), much to the chagrin of Tall Paul who actually got to buy Opening Day tickets from the Reds by winning the ticket lottery they did. Rob was in tow and in great form. It was ultra-enjoyable.

Opening Day!

Rob's a pig


So sad

Hey, Paul & Gina!

Pitching change

Still going

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Guster will-call line

Keith, Rob and Corrie in the will-call line for the Guster at Bogart's. How about Rob checking out his poster? Looks good, eh?

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Small Print @ work

Rob and Keith of Small Print Studios sign their Guster poster just hours before the show at the bar across the street. Nothing like getting it done at the last minute, huh? Regardless, it's a great poster and quite a few people bought them at the show. If you would like to pick one up yourself, or just check it out go to: They'll have it on sale there soon.

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Ink Bleeds

Bleeding Bunny
Rob and Keith are at it again at Ink Bleeds. Along with a few other artists, Ink Bleeds features rock poster art from around the Midwest. Paul Grushkin, co-author of Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion will be speaking this Thursday evening. I'm excited to attend the lecture and see what's hanging in the gallery.

Here are all the details.


Ink Bleeds: Prints on Modern Rock
Featuring prints by Human Tree, Galaxy Reno, Neltner Creative, The Small Print Studios, Powerhouse Factories, Warnick Art, Methane Studios, Standard Deluxe, Jay Ryan, Cricket Press and others.

Art Academy of Cincinnati
Thursday, Jan. 25th
1212 Jackson Street, Downtown Cincinnati

Thursday, Jan. 25th, 7-8 p.m.
Paul Grushkin
Co-author of Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion
Lecture Cost
AIGA professional and student members - FREE
Professional non-members - $20
Student non-members - $10

Final Friday Reception
January 26, 5:30 - 9 p.m.
Live music by the Kentucky Struts

January 12 - February 2

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Rob & Jerry

Rob tries to keep his cool while Jerry Springer gobbles up his 3-way right behind us.

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Small Printers

Rob & Keith form the all-powerful Small Print Studios.

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Rob finishes signing his posters at Pop Rocked 2.

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He's huge in Asia

Who? Rob Warnick, of course.

My good friend Rob is CiN Weekly's Pop Vulture this week. I sadly didn't even know until he told me last night at the CiN Weekly anniversary party. Rob has been blowing up lately. Not only did we launch his website a few weeks ago, he's also featured in a Taiwanese magazine (I'll have to get a copy of that somehow) and his collaboration with Keith Neltner on this Cake poster was featured in Print's regional design annual. Kick ass! We also launched the (Rob & Keith) and Keith's website,, will have a new look soon.

Lots of exciting stuff for these guys lately. Check out their latest poster for Death Cab for Cutie. I'll be at that show in Columbus on Monday - hopefully with Rob.


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