Cincinnati Cyclones at US Bank Arena
One of my favorite things to do during the winter months here in Cincinnati is head to Cyclones games. A little hockey action goes a long way to hold me over to baseball season. Since the Cyclones play at US Bank Arena, they are just a 10 minute walk away. I've been to four games so far this season, and they are always entertaining. It helps that they've had a great team the past few season, even taking home the ECHL's top prize, The Kelly Cup, in 2008.

Click for a larger look at the panorama.

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Early shopping

Mirror ornament at Macy's

It was not snowing when we got to the mall. When we left, it was nearly a "blizzard". Yes, we were there that early.

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Waiting at the bank

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Tuesday night at Arnold's


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Disco ball

This disco ball is hanging on the second floor of Bromwell's on 4th Street. They had an open house on Saturday. G and I stopped in to see the remodel and expansion they had recently completed. It look great of course. We met the owner and had a nice conversation about downtown - something that has been coming up in conversation a lot lately. Funny how that is.

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The Duke

Drinks at Bar Louie

Which one of these drinks is called the John Wayne?

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Downtown Cincinnati

Looking up on Vine street, in front of The Christian Science Reading Room. I would love to see those floors above street level converted to condos - look at those bay windows. Plus, a great location right next to Fountain Square.

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So close.


Bob Gaurd $5

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The bathrooms at Washington Park. I've never seen them before and I was stunned by the architecture. It had to have been Frank Lloyd Wright inspired. I'm not kidding.

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Happy saddness photos

Above is one of my favorite little guys from More Happy Than Sad. Lots of great art, people and beer last night. Congrats to Chris, Keith and Rob on a job well done. There ultra-talented individuals, for sure.

More mobile photos can be found on Gina's blog as well as Paul's. We had the event well covered... from a photoblogging perspective, at least.


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Happy. Sad.

Abe Lincolns
Get your ass out the door Friday and head to Feralmade in Northside. On hand there will be some wicked-sick art from Rob Warnick, Keith Neltner and Chris Dye. Rock posters, paintings and more. These are three seriously talented dudes and they are all converging on this one show: More Happy Than Sad. You can check out their show blog at Hell, I'll be there too. What more could you possibly ask for? Seriously? Oh, okay... yeah, I'll photo blog while I am there. I'll post some stuff on It will rule. But, it would rule a lot more if you are there. Holla!

Official invite from

Ladies & Gents, I hereby invite you to Feralmade Gallery in Northside this Friday the fourteenth of September for our gallery show More Happy Than Sad. Mr. Chris Dye, Mr. Keith Neltner and myself will have on display rock posters, art prints, paintings and other such renderings for your viewing pleasure. To learn more you can check out or So please come out and join us, converse and drink some free booze.

Hope to see you there,

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Blake vs Querry

G and I got the hook-up on some Western & Southern Financial ATP tickets for Friday night. The hook-up actually came from W&S too - nice! We watched the match between James Blake and Sam Querry. It was neat to see both of those guys slugging it out, but it didn't hold our attention enough to stick around for the whole match.

More sports on tap the next few days. Tonight we are headed to the Bengals' pre-season game against the Saints. Tuesday I'll be headed to the Reds game... and probably Wednesday night as well since it's Brennamania at the stadium!! They will be giving away Marty and Thom bobbleheads that night. I can't resist.

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Friday fun

Silversun Pickups & Chris Gliebe

Tonight's going to be a fun night once work is over! I'll be headed up to my friend's gallery in Northside - Feralmade - to catch the opening of Chris Gliebe's solo show "Dedicated". His wicked underground hip-hop style and love of robots will be fantastic to see in person. After all, I'm a sucker for robots. Check out this time-lapse video of the gallery being painted.

After that, I'll be headed to see The Silversun Pickups for the second (yes, second!) night in a row. I caught them last night at the Vogue in Indy. Check out cameraphone photos here. I'll be toting the digital camera tonight hoping to get some nicer shots and maybe some video clips. This band totally rawks and I'm stoked to see them again.

So, a great night to be had! Stop back in for photos and whatnot tonight and this weekend.

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Enganged and underage

Well, I guess not underage, but it rhymed. Good friends Gina and Paul (above) got engaged recently (while watching Sports Center) and had a party to celebrate. Tons of photos here, and more kick-ass photos of my and my one-lens, stylista approved CiN Stylista approved, fashion goggles.

BTW, don't even bother clicking on the link to Paul's blog. He doesn't update the damn thing. I'm not sure why he bothers. Plus, when he does bother, it's lame as hell.

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Indy 500...

I'll be photoblogging from the 500 tomorrow... stay tuned.

The last few photos were from the Tapes N Tapes show at the Southgate House. RAWK!



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Opening Day photos

Opening Day was fantastic this year. Great weather, great game, great times. I ended up scoring some great seats thanks to my friend Gina (She has more photos too!), much to the chagrin of Tall Paul who actually got to buy Opening Day tickets from the Reds by winning the ticket lottery they did. Rob was in tow and in great form. It was ultra-enjoyable.

Opening Day!

Rob's a pig


So sad

Hey, Paul & Gina!

Pitching change

Still going

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Brand New at The Newport

Photos from the sold out Brand New show at The Newport in Columbus. It was the first time I had seen Brand New live, and I was quite impressed. They're pretty good band, solid songs, lots of energy and tons of dedicated fans. Thanks to Chris for getting me out to the show.

Of the two openers, Manchester Orchestra caught my interest. They seem to be a great up-and-coming band. Chris and I both ended up picking up their album at the show.

So, photos are below. I went ahead and combined all my photoblog posts into one. Nothing spectacular photo-wise, but they are what they are. Enjoy.

Video of "Tautou" and "Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades" here.

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Chris and I stopped by Magnolia Thunderpussy (record store) before the Brand New show in Columbus.

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Is sexy back?

Maybe it is. G and I went to the Justin Timberlake show at US Bank - we had free tickets. I have more to say about this, but will later. Tonight I'm going to see Brand New with Chris at The Newport in C-bus. That should cleanse me of last night, right? Photos will be coming as the day/night goes on. Stay tuned.

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The Walkmen

Caught The Walkmen at the Southgate House last night. Good show, though I was not too excited about the encore. I don't know their songs well enough to tell you the setlist, but it ended on a bit of a downer. I'm not disappointed though, it was a good show. They tore through a great version of "The Rat". Check out this live version on Letterman here. That song totally kicks ass.

On my way to work this morning I was thinking about how this week is like a little personal SXSW. I will be making it to four shows six days. Here's the rundown:

Sunday March 11th - Stars of Track and Field
Monday March 12th - The Walkmen
Thursday March 15th - Justin Timberlake (yes - TIMBERLAKE!!!!)
Friday March 16th - Brand New

Not a bad week, eh? Since I know a few folks that are traveling out west the Austin for SXSW, the shows will take my mind off the jealousy.

So, Timberlake... Yes, G and I are going. She won tickets to the show. I'm actually looking forward to it - it will probably be fun.

More Walkmen photos...

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GABP lit up tonight

The ballpark was all lit up tonight as I was walking by on my way to US Bank Arena.

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Dan & G

In the reflection of an old MG at the Cavalcade of Customs.

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1960 Vespa 400

Ha! This was a cool little car. They are a pair of 1960 Vespa 400's. I guess the guy that owns these found them in their original condition in a barn in Indiana. He fixed them up a little bit and threw on a fresh coat of paint.

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Cavalcade of Customs

That's G with the one and only Bill Landrum behind this custom 'rod. The car is actually Bill's dad's. It's a 1930-something Buick that has been severely chopped and lowered. It's pretty choice, really. This photo doesn't do it a lick of justice.

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